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Amaltas Full Cover Bed Amaltas Full Cover Bed AFSIS10045

Amaltas Full Cover Bed

Price: Rs 50000 * (Indicative Price only)
SIZE: 6.25 Ft by 6 Ft

TUFTED & QUILTED: This bed has a clean tufted and quilted back rest. This quilting not only makes this bed extremely comfortable but also makes it stunning.
MADE OUT OF PLY: This bed is made out of 18mm Ply, it uses ply made out of wood, no engineering wood is being used. This makes the bed very durable.
HYDRAULIC STORAGE: The bed has two boxes for storage, both of these has shockers installed, which makes it easy to open and close. For Price and Other Information
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Price: Rs 50000 * (Indicative Price only)
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About Amaltas Full Cover Bed

This bed has been made using combinations of Teak wood, plywood and mica. It has been designed for comfort.